Here are several examples of different uses of Convergence. We have found that most developers can find something here related to their specific use case. Go here to suggest additional examples, or better yet, add your own to this repository!

Each example has a Share button, which will give you a URL to share with others to use the example together (or you can simply open the example in two windows yourself).

Text Area
A full fledged collaborative text area, with shared cursors and selections.
Demonstrates the Model API by dynamically changing data visualized using Chart.js. The result is a highly dynamic visual experience.
Demonstrates rich text editing in the Froala editor.
Content Editable
Leverages dom synchronization to collaborate within a content editable element.
HTML Input Elements
Show real time synchronization of HTML form input controls.
Demonstrates integration between JointJS and Convergence for collaborative diagramming.
Demonstrates integration between mxGraph and Convergence for collaborative diagramming.
Ace Editor
Demonstrates collaborative code editing in the Ace Editor.
Monaco Editor
Demonstrates collaborative code editing in the Monaco Editor.
Shared Pointer
Shows how the Activity API can be used to share remote pointers. User can see where eah others pointers are and where they are clicking.
Chat Room
A simple chat room example. Users can join any chat room by name and send messages to other users in the chat room.