Collaborative Chart

Demonstrates the Model API by dynamically changing data visualized using Chart.js. The result is a highly dynamic visual experience.

Shared Pointer

Shows how the Activity API can be used to share remote pointers. User can see where eah others pointers are and where they are clicking.

Chat Room

A simple chat room example. Users can join any chat room by name and send messages to other users in the chat room.

Todo MVC

This examples demonstrates how the standard JQuery implementation of the Todo MVC is easily enhanced with real time capabilities using Convergence.

Ace Editor

A example which shows how the ACE Editor can be easily adapted to support rich collaborative editing. The example demonstrates the model reference API.

Form Inputs

A simple example which shows how the Convergence Input Element Binder can be used to easily enable collaborative behavior to regular form elements.

Joint JS

Demonstrates how the integration between JointJS and Convergence can deliver a collaborative graphing experience. Also see the @convergence/joint-utils project.

Content Editable

A simple example which shows how the Convergence Dom Utils can be used to enable rich text content editing.

Froala Rich Text

A lightweight example showing collaborative rich text editing using the Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor.

Collaborative Text Area

A simple collaborative text editor built using a plain HTML TextArea Element and the HTML Text Collaborative Extensions library