Connection strategies come into play when the user modifies the position of link endpoints. There are two situations in which this is relevant:

Both the anchor and connectionPoint properties are rewritten in response to user interaction. None of the built-in connection strategies preserve the originally assigned anchor and connection point functions. To assign precisely what you need as the anchor and connection point functions, you may need to define your own custom connection strategy.

Connection strategies are not assigned on a link-by-link basis. They are set with the connectionStrategy option on a paper.

There are three built-in connection strategies in JointJS:

The default connection strategy is specified as null in paper settings, which is equivalent to joint.connectionStrategies.useDefaults.

Built-in connection strategies are specified by reference to their their name in the joint.connectionStrategies namespace. Example:

paper.options.connectionStrategy = joint.connectionStrategies.pinAbsolute;