element.position(x, y, [opt])

Set the element position to x and y coordinates. This is almost equivalent to element.set('position', { x: x, y: y }, opt). However, this method provides some additional functionality. If you set opt.parentRelative flag to true, the x and y coordinates will be treated relatively to the parent element of this element. If position() is called without arguments, it returns the current position. If position({ parentRealtive: true }) is called without x and y coordinates and with the parentRelative flag set to true, the method returns the current position of the element relative to its parent. Setting opt.deep to true will position not only the element but also all its descendants keeping the original distances from a child to the element origin.

el1.position(100, 100);
el2.position(10, 10, { parentRelative: true });
el2.position() // --> 110@110
el1.position(200,200, { deep: true });
el2.position() // --> 210@210