The view for the joint.dia.Link model. It inherits from joint.dia.CellView and is responsible for:

To find the view associated with a specific link model, use the paper.findViewByModel() method:

var linkView = paper.findViewByModel(link);

Custom LinkView

It is possible to use a custom default link view for all your links in a paper. This can be set up via the linkView option on the paper object. Several options in joint.dia.LinkView may be overridden in a custom LinkView:

A custom LinkView type may also override default LinkView event handlers, or provide new ones. It may be necessary to modify the interactive paper option to prevent interference from builtin event handlers (most notably vertexAdd which listens for pointerdown events).


var CustomLinkView = joint.dia.LinkView.extend({
    // custom interactions:
    pointerdblclick: function(evt, x, y) {
        this.addVertex(x, y);
    contextmenu: function(evt, x, y) {
        this.addLabel(x, y);

    // custom options:
    options: joint.util.defaults({
        doubleLinkTools: true,
    }, joint.dia.LinkView.prototype.options)

var paper = new joint.dia.Paper({
    linkView: CustomLinkView,
    interactive: { vertexAdd: false } // disable default vertexAdd interaction