Add all paper views into the DOM and update them to make sure that the views reflect the cells' models.

Several extra arguments may be provided in the opt object:

batchSize number For async papers, how many views should there be per one asynchronous process? Default is 1000.
progress function Callback function that is called whenever a batch is finished processing. The callback function is provided with three arguments:
done boolean Are we done? Was this the last batch?
processed number How far along are we? How many elements have been processed as part of a batch so far?
total number How many views are there? How many elements in will have been processed as part of a batch when we are done?
viewport function Callback function to determine whether a given view should be added to the DOM. By default, paper.options.viewport is used, but you may provide a different callback function. The format of the callback method is described in the option's documentation, as are examples of usage.