drawGrid - option whether the paper grid should be drawn or not. It could be a boolean or an object. It defaults to false.
Define color and thickness to adjust the default grid pattern:

color string color of the default grid pattern.
thickness number thickness of the default grid pattern.

There are also some pre-defined grid patterns: dot, fixedDot, mesh, doubleMesh. If you'd like to use these patterns, define drawGrid options as follows:

name string name of the pre-defined pattern. Can be either dot, fixedDot, mesh, doubleMesh
args object | array an extra arguments for the pre-defined grid patterns. It can be either an object (e.g. dot, mesh) or an array (e.g. doubleMesh)

Pre-defined grids with default settings:

The paper from the images below has been scaled 2 times and has gridSize set to 10.

drawGrid: true // default pattern (dot) with default settings

drawGrid: 'mesh' // pre-defined pattern with default settings
drawGrid: { name: 'mesh', args: { color: 'black' }}

drawGrid: {
    name: 'doubleMesh',
    args: [
        { color: 'red', thickness: 1 }, // settings for the primary mesh
        { color: 'green', scaleFactor: 5, thickness: 5 } //settings for the secondary mesh