Transform the rectangle rect defined in the page coordinate system to the local coordinate system.

var x, y;
paper.on('blank:pointerdown', function(evt) {
  x = evt.pageX;
  y = evt.pageY;
paper.on('blank:pointerup', function(evt) {
  var pageRect = g.Rect(x, y, evt.pageX - x, evt.pageY - y).normalize();
  var localRect1 = this.pageToLocalRect(pageRect);
  // alternative method signature
  var localRect2 = this.pageToLocalRect(x, y, evt.pageX - x, evt.pageY - y).normalize();
  // Move and resize the element to cover the area, that the user just selected.
  element.position(localRect1.x, localRect1.y);
  element.resize(localRect1.width, localRect1.height);