The joint.dia.ToolView class is the parent class of all link tool views included in the joint.linkTools namespace. It is responsible for rendering the tool within a joint.dia.ToolsView, when the tools view is attached to a joint.dia.LinkView.

Creating link tools objects is the first step in the process of setting up link tools on a link view:

// 1) creating link tools
var verticesTool = new joint.linkTools.Vertices();
var segmentsTool = new joint.linkTools.Segments();
var boundaryTool = new joint.linkTools.Boundary();

// 2) creating a tools view
var toolsView = new joint.dia.ToolsView({
    name: 'basic-tools',
    tools: [verticesTool, segmentsTool, boundaryTool]

// 3) attaching to a link view
var linkView = link.findView(paper);

Every link view we want to attach to requires its own tools view object (ToolsView objects are automatically reassigned to the last link view they are added to). Similarly, every tools view we create requires its own set of tools (ToolView objects are automatically reassigned to the last array they were made part of).