This is the API reference to the open source JointJS core library. If you're looking for the Rappid diagramming toolkit documentation, you can find that here.

JointJS library exports three global variables: joint, V and g.

The joint namespace contains all the objects that you will use to build your diagrams. Additionally, joint.version property tells you which version of JointJS you're using.

The V global is lightweight SVG library that we call Vectorizer. This tiny library makes manipulation with SVG documents much easier. JointJS uses this library internally. Normally, you don't have to get in touch with this library at all but for advanced uses, it can be handy.

The g global is another lighweight library used internally by JointJS that provides many useful geometry operations. Again, you might not get in touch with this library but when you do have the need to perform geometric operations in your applications, you'll certainly find it helpful.