Sanitize the provided HTML (string) to protect against XSS attacks. The algorithm has several steps:

The six simple steps protect against the most common XSS attacks; however, we cannot guarantee bulletproof security here. If you need stronger security, you should always keep an eye on a list XSS attacks and replace the joint.util.sanitizeHTML() function with your own, more secure version.


joint.util.sanitizeHTML('<html><body><p>Hello</p></body></html>'); // => '<p>Hello</p>'
joint.util.sanitizeHTML('<p>Hello</p><script>alert("Hacked");</script>'); // => '<p>Hello</p>'
joint.util.sanitizeHTML('<p>Hello</p><img onload="alert(&quot;Hacked&quot;);">'); // => '<p>Hello</p><img>'
joint.util.sanitizeHTML('<p>Hello</p><img src="javascript:alert(&quot;Hacked&quot;);">'); // => '<p>Hello</p><img>'